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Uncontested Divorce – Don't Let The Lawyers Win

If your Louisville or Oldham County divorce case is really uncontested, both you and your spouse will likely benefit.

But what makes a divorce uncontested?

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The main – and most-obvious – component of an uncontested divorce is an agreement between the parties about how to divide assets and debts and how to deal with any and all child issues.

This agreement can be negotiated between the parties. The deal also can be struck between the parties and their respective lawyers. Moreover, in many cases one party is represented by a family law attorney while the other spouse represents himself.

In most uncontested divorces spouses never appear in court. Also, depending on the length of the parties’ separation as husband and wife, and if the couple has children, a final decree of dissolution can be entered soon after filing. In most instances an uncontested divorce in Louisville or Oldham County can be completed in 90 days or less.

Cases that require going to Court are generally not considered uncontested.

One important note about uncontested divorce situations in Kentucky is that lawyers CANNOT represent both parties. A family law attorney can only represent one party in a dispute, and a lawyer’s duty is only to his or her client. There is no such thing as spouses being represented by the same Kentucky family law attorney.


Attorneys are not cheap. Therefore, spouses with truly uncontested divorces keep more of their hard-earned money with less going to lawyers, expert witnesses and other costs of litigation. Holding onto your money is a win for you and your family.

Call Jason Dattilo today to find out if your Louisville or Oldham County divorce can be uncontested. The Law Offices of Jason Dattilo, PLLC can often perform an uncontested divorce on a flat-rate fee.

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