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Is your Louisville or Oldham County divorce case UNCONTESTED?

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Advantages of an uncontested divorce
Home of the $800 uncontested divorce
Home of the $800 uncontested divorce

REDUCED COST: Don't let the lawyers be the only winners. If your case is truly uncontested, spouses can avoid ever going to court and paying attorneys at expensive hourly rates.

PRIVACY: In an uncontested divorce, spouses do not have to air their "dirty laundry" in a public courtroom.

EFFICIENCY: Cases litigated at every turn can take up to a year or more to resolve. In an uncontested divorce, the matter can sometimes be resolved in a matter of weeks.

REDUCED CONFLICT: By its very nature, the court system is adversarial. In an uncontested divorce, however, spouses submit an agreement on issues in dispute. By submitting an agreement, the parties have the final say in the resolution of their case, not a judge who is a stranger in a black robe.

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